9 Hilarious Barbecue Fails for Memorial Day
As Memorial Day opens the gate to summer, we all begin to plan our outdoor activities. Most of us will find a reason to get outside for the long weekend and enjoy food, friends, family and some delicious beverages. And really, it wouldn’t be a summer holiday without some grilling.
Do You Remember Your First Cup Of Coffee? [VIDEO]
Most of us have had coffee before. For some, the memory of their first time is vivid. Others like to forget the day and chalk it up as a bad experience or stepping stone. For some coffee became an instant addiction. To some it was an acquired taste. Do you remember your first coffee experience?
Good Cop Pranks it Forward With $100 For Good Driving [WATCH]
A company called Break is changing the way people look at pranks with 'Prank it Forward' week. They had a cop pull over random drivers and hand out $100 for positive behavior and good driving. This is the one time you'd be happy to see those lights flashing in your rear view mirror.

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