The Manning Brothers Rap Again! [WATCH]
It was just about a year ago when the Manning brothers got together to do an epic rap song making football fans aware about fantasy football on their phones. Now, they're back again to educate people on DIRECTV's new channel dedicated specifically to fantasy football.
Struggles of Twins Bedtime Is Frustrating Yet Hilarious [VIDEO]
Putting the kids to bed can be a chore. When you have twins, it can be maddening. This 21 year-old from Norway, was having a hard time getting her boys, Leon and Nathaniel to bed and decided to try to something new. The change in routine didn't go over well, but it made for a hilarious video.
MMA Fighting Gas Station Clerk Beats Down Robber [WATCH]
Mayura Dissanyake is a semi-professional MMA Fighter. He also works at a gas station in Houston. Hailing from Sri Lanka, Mayura is not only an MMA fighter, he also knows Karate! That combination makes him a dude you don't want to mess with. A group of robbers learned that real quick!
Man Has Cheating Wife Yard Sale
Hell may hath no fury like a woman scorned but men can fight with fire too. A Wisconsin man, who's cheating wife 'done run off' to Florida with another man, made a move of his own. He held a 'selling all my stuff' sale and moved into a condo.
Make Us Laugh on Tell An Old Joke Day
Today is Tell An Old Joke Day. It's the perfect day for my father who tells the same jokes over and over. The repetition is funnier than the actual jokes. Here's a few old jokes to make you laugh on this national occassion.

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