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Voice Contestant Anthony Riley Dies at Age 28
Anthony Riley, who had one of the fastest four chair audition turns in the history of The Voice has died at age 28. He was found Friday in the basement of his Philadelphia apartment building according to Philly.com.
Ellen Albertini Dow Dead at the Age of 101 [Video]
17 years after her hilarious role as the rapping granny, Rosie, in Adam Sandler's 'The Wedding Singer,' 101-year-old actress, Ellen Albertini Dow, has passed away. You may also remember her from 'The Wedding Crashers' starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Hunt.
CBS News Man Bob Simon Killed in Car Crash [VIDEO + PHOTOS]
The news world is mourning the loss of veteran CBS news man and '60 Minutes' correspondent Bob Simon. The reporter who survived wars around the world for decades, was killed in a car crash in Manhattan. The car he was riding in collided with a Mercedes, before losing control, hitting a concrete medi…

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