Saranac ‘Season’s Best’ In Its 30th Year
One tradition during the holiday season in central New York is the arrival of Saranac Season's Best from the F.X. Matt Brewing Company. If my calculations are correct, this marks the 30th year that this holiday beer has been brewed. Remember how it started?
NBA Players Perform ‘Jingle Hoops’ [VIDEO]
You've heard 'Jingle Bells' more times than you can count, but I bet you haven't heard it like this. NBA players play 'Jingle Hoops' by throwing basketballs through hoops with bells on them. It's all to promote NBA jersey's for the holidays and games on Christ…
The Best Black Friday Shopping Secrets
Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year is just over two weeks away and now is the time to begin formulating your buying strategy. There are some Black Friday shopping secrets that are worth noting before heading out the door.
Signs That You May Be A Real Life “Charlie Brown”
Good grief! It seems like every time you go to kick the football of life someone pulls the ball away and you land on your back. Does this sound familiar. It did to  "Charlie Brown" and now there is a way for you to determine if you are a real life version of the famed Charles …
How To Choose The Right Size Thanksgiving Turkey
With Thanksgiving Day a few weeks away, you may be shopping for your holiday turkey. The question is, how big a turkey do you need? Some years, we've had more and less people around the Thanksgiving table, so we've had huge turkeys and medium sized ones. So, what's the right size?
We Observe Columbus Day Today
Today is the observance of Columbus Day, meaning that schools, banks, financial institutions, post offices and many governmental offices are closed. In addition, our neighbors to the north (and Polly Wogg) are celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Canada today. Need a review on Christopher Columbus?
We Recognize The American Worker On Labor Day
Where did the "Frog Days Of Summer" go? Today is Labor Day, a time where we salute you and other hard working Americans. As a federal holiday, there is no regular mail delivery, governmental offices are closed as well as banks, credit unions and financial institutions. So, how did …
Grilling Tips For The Fourth Of July [VIDEO]
With the fourth of July holiday coming up, we all probably will have a few rounds at the grill. Seeing that I host a request hour called "Greg's Grill", weekdays at noon on Big Frog 104, I thought I should be able to offer some grilling tips.

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