A Psychic’s Predictions For 2014
Ever since I was a kid, I always remembered seeing those tabloid newspapers at the grocery store cash register line, with the headline, "Psychics Predict New Year Events". I never kept track of how many of those predictions came to pass, so here are a few for 2014.
Staff Shares Best and Worst Gifts [VIDEO]
What's the best Christmas gift you've ever received?  For Tadpole, it was his set of golf clubs.  My engagement ring inside a coffee pot will be hard to top.  We asked our staff to share their best or worst gifts. The results are touching and hilarious.
Man Throws $1000 To Shoppers At Mall of America [VIDEO]
A man spread some holiday cheer by tossing money to Black Friday shoppers. Serge Vorobyov threw $1,000 in one dollar bills from the fourth floor of Minnesota's Mall of America. The mall choir was singing 'Let it Snow' as the money flew through the air.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving [VIDEO]
One of our favorite holiday TV features is "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving", a must-see in the Greg McShea household. It seems like the "Peanuts" gang has an animated TV special for just about every holiday, and while this one isn't their best, it's fun to…
My Family Thanksgiving Traditions
Ever since I was a kid, the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" has been a tradition in the McShea household, and it still is. My wife and I usually have it on while peeling potatoes, basting the turkey and mixing up the stuffing. And all the while, the coffee pot is going with a…
What Are You Thankful For
We lost a great man. Robert 'Chris' Ellis passed away Thursday. Chris was a member of Heron Creek Golf Club and we had the privileged to play with him several times.  Monday night we paid our respects at Heintz Funeral Home in Clinton and waited in a line almost 2 hours long. It was s…
The Secret to the Juiciest Turkey You’ll Ever Eat
Whether you’re making your first turkey for Thanksgiving or your hundredth, here's a recipe for the moistest, juiciest bird you’ll ever eat. It'll take some planning ahead of time. It’s called brining, where you soak the bird in a s…

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