ABC Releases Schedule for 2015 Holiday Programming
As much as we don't want the cold weather to be here, it does mean the Holiday season is coming and that means our favorite Holiday television specials. ABC recently released their schedule for the 2015 season and as always, includes some of those classic family favorites.
Archie’s KanJam House Rules
Labor Day weekend is here and that means bbq's and games like Cornhole, Ladder Ball and my personal favorite - KanJam. Here's some house rules my squad plays by that might make your KanJam experience a little more interesting.
20 Patriotic Country Songs To Celebrate July 4th [VIDEOS]
The July 4th holiday is about a lot of things; cookouts, parades, the real start of summer and of course patriotism.  And when it comes to patriotic anthems, no other genre of music has it covered like country. Here are the top 20 patriotic songs to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.
Americans Do Their Best Canadian Impressions For Canada Day [VIDEO]
As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day July 4th, Canadians are celebrating Canada Day today, the anniversary of the British North America Act, enacted in 1867. The holiday was originally called Dominion Day but was renamed in 1982. To honor the holiday of our northern friends, Americans did the…

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