Favorite Father’s Day Song – Readers Poll
Happy Father’s Day to dads across the world! As usual, there’s a perfect country song for the big day, in fact here’s 10 Father’s Day songs that Dad may enjoy today. Do you prefer hits from the legends or from modern country artists? Wh…
How Did Father’s Day Come About?
One of the most important events during the "Frog Days of Summer" is Father's Day, and it's this Sunday. Families will be honoring their dads, grandads, step-dads, fathers-in-law and father figures. But how did Father's Day come about?
We Salute Our Vets And Military On Memorial Day
Today is Memorial Day; a day off for many and of day of remembrance for all. Today, we remember those in our military who've made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and  thank those who are now serving in the military. And like many of  you, we have family now serving as well.
A Break At The Gas Pump This Holiday Weekend
We like to share good news with our Big Frog 104 listeners, and here's some you'll appreciate. As we begin the Memorial Day Weekend, local gas prices are down, so that trip to the beach or long weekend getaway will cost a bit less.
Memorial Day Weekend Clothes Special For Vets
At Big Frog 104, we salute the men and women who have served and are serving our country in the military this Memorial Day Weekend. Now, a store in Herkimer is helping vets with clothing that they may need when re-entering the civilian work force.
Polly Wogg Salutes Her Mom for Mother’s Day
It may comes as no surprise, especially to those who know me, I wasn't a very good kid.  To say I was a handful is an understatement.  And it was my mother who had to deal with it all since my father was always working.  My mother wasn't one to say 'wait til your father…
Today: Party–It’s World Party Day
Yes, there is a day dedicating to partying. And, it's today, April 3. Today is World Party Day. Unlike a lot of these "holidays" nobody has ever heard about, there's a story to go along with this day. According to Wikipedia, World Party Day is celebrated "as a sy…

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