Tadpole & Polly Wogg Celebrate Halloween [PHOTOS]
Halloween isn't just for kids.  Tadpole & I celebrated, in costume Saturday night.  I had my costume idea after seeing a cover the of New York Post, making fun of the 'blind NFL replacement refs.'  Tadpole on the other hand waited until the last minute.  He…
Halloween Lights Show to Gangnam Style
Gangnam style is the latest craze.  The song and dance, created by Korean pop star Psy, is catching on in the U.S.  It's one of the most parodied dances on YouTube. Now its a Halloween lights show.
Halloween Safety Tips
Halloween is approaching and to make sure every trick or treater has a safe and fun night, here are some tips to keep in mind when heading out.
It’s Columbus Day Observance Today
Today is the observance of Columbus Day, which means that schools, banks, financial institutions, post offices and many governmental offices are closed. Remember that little rhyme from your school days, "In 14 hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." In addition, our neighb…
Clearing Up Misconceptions of Canadian Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving may be a month away but in Canada, today is Thanksgiving.  I haven't celebrated since I migrated to the United States in 1995 but I do manage to remember to call home and wish everyone a happy day.
Despite what you may think, Canadian Thanksgiving is really no different than turkey day h…
National Lazy Day!
If you're anything like me you don't need an excuse to do nothing all day. However, for all of you hard workers you should know today is August 10th, National Lazy day.
Are you wondering how this can possibly be a holiday? Well, I have no idea and I think it would go against the tradition o…

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