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Stress Less With This Video Help [VIDEO]
We all get stressed out at times, and with the holidays, workload, people traveling, preparing dinners, etc...the stress levels can go way up! Now there's a way to relieve some of that stress easily.
Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?
Ever since I can remember, I always heard that eating turkey makes you sleepy. Now, research says, that's not true. What? Really? I know I just want to flop after Thanksgiving turkey dinner. What gives?
Great American Smokeout Is Today
Today is "The Great American Smokeout", sponsored by the American Cancer Society. If you're a smoker, why wait until New Year's Day when you can start today? I quit smoking 19 years ago, and I'm so glad I did.
Flu Shot Immunization Begins Friday In Oneida County
Now that we're well into October, it's the beginning of flu season in central New York. If you're looking to get a flu shot, the Oneida County Health Department has announced their schedule, which begins Friday, October 25th. We've got more details on the complete schedule.
It’s Fall Allergy Season
It may be the most colorful time of the year in central New York, but if you suffer from fall allergies, it's not all that pleasant. Many people have the sneezes during autumn, and now there's a list of the 15 worst cities to live in if you have fall allergies.
LeAnn Rimes Breaks Fingers, Shows Off Brace
LeAnn Rimes recently suffered 3 broken fingers in a yet-as-unexplained accident. She took to Twitter to say, "Didn't plan to spend 1/2 my day off getting fit for a splint. This hand thing is no fun.". The latest accessory for the fashion conscious singer? Take a look.

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