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Women And Shoes [Video]
It is a subject that men will never understand. Your average guy will have a pair of brown, a pair of black, a pair of sneakers and some
comfortable slippers or slip-ons. As for the average woman? Check out this poll from Shop Smart magazine and Kellie Pickler's ode to her favorite footwear.
Pass The Ketchup, Please
Nobody uses more condiments than I do, and ketchup is one of them (although I never put ketchup on hot dogs, as hot dog purists say only mustard is allowed).  Anyway,  maybe all that ketchup is good for you.
Germs At The Food Court
Here's something that is sure the make the germaphobes of the world happy --those nice plastic trays at mall food courts are as dirty as a gas station toilet seats.
Bedbugs Making Comeback At Local Schools
Remember all those stories last year about bedbugs infesting high end hotels and office buildings in New York and other cities across the country? Well apparently the little critters enjoy  academic environments just as much as the big city.
Get Up And Move A Bit
Those of you who work at a desk job all day--you could be at risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity if you don't get up for a few minutes and move around.
Tea Time May Keep Flu Germs Away
We all like those old-fashioned home remedies.  Some work, and some don't.  As for me, I did get a flu shot just to play it safe, and now there's news of how green tea may, and I stress the word  may, help prevent the flu.
Drop Pounds By Mopping
According to BMC Public Health, 25-percent of men and women who are in debt are medically obese. But, a new study by Vileda shows an easy way to lose weight is to simply pick up a mop.
Baby It’s C-C-Cold Outside
With the national weather service is calling for extreme cold this weekend and overnight temps plummeting to 10-20 below zero it might be a good idea to brush up on those cold weather safety tips. Sure there are plenty of outdoor winter weather activities to enjoy but be prepared. The same goes for …

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