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Mosquitoes Are In Season
Now that we've got these warmer pre-summer days and nights, the mosquitoes are back in force. I like to sit outside on the deck at night for a bit, but I just don't want to get bit!
We’re Having A Heat Wave
It's a hot one (not that I'm complaining after this cool wet spring we've had)! And with the heat, comes some precautions. We all don't work in air conditioning or have it in our cars, and temperatures will be in the 90s today.
Get Ready To Howl At The Moon
I don't know what to make of this, but new information indicates that people may act more violent, even werewolf-like during a full moon. We've all seen people seem to be more argumentitive during a full moon, and blamed the moon for that mood swing, now people may be howling mad!
Foods We See On TV Full Of Sugar And Fat
I know when I'm watching TV, and a commercial comes on for a snack food or something really appetizing, it does put that idea in my head...gotta have one! Most of those foods advertised on TV are loaded with sugar and fat.
A Healthy Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
Like many of you, I like cherry pie, cherry ice cream, and just plain cherries.  As a kid growing up in Utica, we had a cherry tree right in our backyard (and I cannot tell a lie, I did not chop it down).  Now, a new study says cherries, even in a pie can be good for you.
Watch Out For 3:23 P.M.
If you are on a diet, watch out for 3:23 P.M.--according to researches with the Atkins Diet, that's the exact time your willpower is the weakest.
A survey of 1,250 people on a diet showed 3:23 P.M. is that time in the day when boredom begins to set in, along with feelings of stress and when you …
A Possible Health Benefit Of Coffee
It's good for you one day and bad for you the next. Coffee. Like eggs, coffee has its documented pros and cons when it comes to peoples' health. Now, a study suggests that coffee is good for you--particularly your brain.
Sleeping On It May Help You Learn
By about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I could use a nap, but the show must go on.  Now, a new study says that napping before you learn something new may help you retain the new information.

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