The Top 5 Things People Hate About Halloween [VIDEO]
Halloween is almost here! Some folks are super excited and others are absolutely dreading it. It is a great holiday for free candy, parties, and scary movies, but it can also lead to headaches and anger! This video shows the Top 5 Reasons why people HATE Halloween.
Explore Hotel Utica’s Most Haunted Rooms
On Halloween night, we are hosting the Hotel Utica's first ever public ghost hunt. Are there rooms at the hotel that have more paranormal activity than others? We have found three rooms that'll you need to check out and explore on Halloween night.
Real People With Horror Movie Names
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is the great Shakespeare quote.  But what if that rose was named the same as a horror movie character?  Probably a lot of teasing, especially during the grade school years.  Here's the most common horror movie…
Top 5 Halloween Costumes In Utica
Deciding what to dress up as on Halloween is daunting. Google Trends show the most popular costumes in your area so you can either join the crowd or get creative.
Google is revealing the top costumes being searched across the US at any given moment...

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