Sarah Rice’s McDonald’s Moment
Congrats to Sarah Rice of Utica, who shared her #MyBigFrogMcDonalds moment. She wins a $25 McDonalds gift card and from the looks of it, she could use it.
Walking Tacos It’s What’s For Dinner
What's for dinner? It's the questions most moms hear every night. Tonight you can say 'Walking Tacos.' It's the easiest meal you'll make. And the clean up is even easier.
Tad and Polly Kick Off McDonald’s ‘Free Coffee Event’
The only thing better than starting your morning with coffee, is starting it with free coffee. Tad & I are kicking off McDonald's 'Free Coffee Event' this morning. We're at the N Utica location on Genesee street. Stop by and enjoy a free coffee during breakfast hours and …
Tad Discovers Zagnut Candy Bars For Throwback Thursday
There two good things about Tuesdays around the radio station.  One is obvious, Monday is over.  The other is, Jerry, our "snack machine guy," brings us a new supply. He seems to find something knew to tempt us with every week.  This week's surprise sent me down…
Dominos Giving Away Free Pizza
The only thing better than pizza is free pizza. Dominos is giving away thousands of free pizzas, but you have to act fast. The faster you are, the better the prize. The fastest gets free pizza for a year.

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