How To Turn Day Old French Fries Into Tasty Breakfast
God Bless the internet, you can find out how to do anything.  Finding ourselves with the usual large amount of left over fries after a visit to Five Guys Burgers, I decided there had to be something to do with them.  I had no idea there would be so many options...
New Hartford Chipotle Pulls Pork From Menu
Don't expect to get a pork carnita at Chipotle in New Hartford anytime soon. They've pulled the pork from their menu because it didn't meet their 'high standards,' says a Chipotle manager.
UK Cadbury Creme Egg Makers Change Recipe
With Easter just a few months away, people are already thinking about their favorite holiday treats such as Peeps and the Cadbury Creme Egg. However, some fans of the iconic chocolate and cream treat are not too happy with a big change to the Cadbury Creme Egg recipe.
Why We Can’t Keep Christmas Cookies [VIDEO]
It's Bake Cookies Day! At our house Christmas cookies are a must and everyone has their favorite. For my daughter, it's the no bakes and Buckeye bars. For my stepson it's Snickerdoodles and even though he no longer lives with us, a box gets mailed every year. For Tadpole, there isn't a cookie he doe…
Spicing Up Thankgiving Desserts [VIDEO]
Turn your ordinary holiday apple or pumpkin pie into something extraordinary this year. Greg from Seneca Wine & Liquor shared two simple recipes to spice up your holiday desserts.

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