Can an AR15 Really Cook Bacon? [Video]
Ahhh Bacon! What more needs to be said about this delicious breakfast meat? There are many ways to prepare and cook this wholesome meal. You can bake it, fry it, there is even some bacon you can microwave now. Would you believe me if I told you, you could use an AR15?
How To Properly Cook And Sauce Your Pasta [Video]
It's an important skill to have, especially living in Central New York, to properly cook and sauce Pasta dishes. Most people love this popular Italian dish and it's possible you may be preparing it completely wrong. This video will show you the proper technique to cook, strain, and sauce t…
How To Turn Day Old French Fries Into Tasty Breakfast
God Bless the internet, you can find out how to do anything.  Finding ourselves with the usual large amount of left over fries after a visit to Five Guys Burgers, I decided there had to be something to do with them.  I had no idea there would be so many options...
New Hartford Chipotle Pulls Pork From Menu
Don't expect to get a pork carnita at Chipotle in New Hartford anytime soon. They've pulled the pork from their menu because it didn't meet their 'high standards,' says a Chipotle manager.

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