The Top 5 Places to Get Apples in Central New York
Summer may be almost over, but that just means Fall is coming up and that means delicious, in-season, New York apples! There are many local options for getting this incredible autumn edible, but which among them are the best? Here are at least the Top 5!
Frozen Corn Recall Over Listeria Concerns
Check the freezer. You may have recalled frozen corn. Bonduelle USA, a Brockport, New York company is recalling over 9,ooo cases of frozen corn because it may o be contaminated with Listeria.
How To Properly Eat A Cupcake [VIDEO]
We've been eating cupcakes all wrong. To properly eat a cupcake, you take off half of the bottom and place it on top to make a cupcake sandwich. Easier to eat and less mess.
Angry Orchard Recalls Crisp Apple Hard Cider
Check the fridge. If you have Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider, you may want to return it. Some cases 12 and 6-packs are being recalled for broken or exploding bottles according to the FDA.

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