How To Tell How Fresh Your Eggs Really Are [VIDEO]
Any carton of eggs that you pick up in the supermarket nowadays has the word "fresh" on it somewhere. Just because it says fresh doesn't mean they really are. There is a simple way to determine the age of eggs just by looking at the numbers on the side of your egg carton.
New Hartford Chipotle Closing For A Day
Chipotle restaurants nationwide have been catching a lot of negative attention due to wide-spread reports of E. Coli and Salmonella incidents at various locations. In an effort to save face, the CEO of Chipotle is doing everything possible to educate employees at the restaurant chain about food safe…
How to Make Poutine Like a Pro [VIDEO]
Poutine. It's a Canadian staple. Never heard of it? It's French fries, cheese curd and brown gravy, basically a heart attack in a bowl. But it's oh so good. Want to make your own? Follow these easy steps.
Foods People Miss When They Leave Utica
Every city or town has food their area is known for.  In Buffalo, New York it's the wings.  If you head north of the border, it's poutine. In Utica, there are several dishes that you won't find most places. Here's the top foods people miss when they leave Utica...
Wegmans Recalling Over 1,000 Pounds of Chicken
If you have purchased any chicken from Wegmans after January 3rd don't eat it right away. The supermarket chain is recalling over 1,000 pounds of poultry. It has been reported that the chicken was produced outside of the approved hours of operation.
Castlewood Cafe Open Again at New Location
The Castlewood Cafe began it's long legacy in Waterville and then ended up on Burrstone Road across from Friendly's with a second location in Washington Mills. Now, this hometown favorite has a brand new location and many people are excited for it's return.
10 New Businesses in Central New York That Opened in 2015
Our area has been blessed with a number of new businesses that have opened their doors in 2015. It is a sign of the true growth that is happening right here in Central New York. The 10 have not only provided hope, but also jobs and in most cases a lot of new tax revenue, which is always a …

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