Cute Kids

Girls Adorable Reaction To Baby News [WATCH]
Mom is having a baby.  The news causes the most adorable reaction from big sister.  She is so happy, she tells her parents 'I can't thank you enough.'  She may not be saying that when cries in the middle of the night keep her awake.
First Car Wash Terrifies Two-Year-Old [WATCH]
Your first trip through a car wash is either exciting or terrifying. For this 2-year-old, it's a bit of both. She cries and screams during the wash and rinse cycles, but once they roll out and start to dry, she's ecstatic, laughing and cheering 'we made it.'
Son Cries Over Baby News [WATCH]
Arizona mom and dad Jason and Tiffany Mertlich baked a cake and told their three children, two girls and a boy, they’d know their new baby's gender by the color inside the cake. Son Gunner cut the cake and got upset because it was pink. He yelled ‘It’s a girl! It’s another girl! I hate girls! Every …

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