Cute Kids

Big Frog’s Kid Messes
How can someone so small make such a big mess?  After two boys destroyed a house with one bag of flour, we asked you to share your story of kid messes.
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Comes out of Anesthesia [VIDEO]
Anesthesia may make people act a little odd.  Our 'Cute Kid' of the day, Matt is hilarious.He was put under after breaking his arm.  Matt is dizzy and loud as he wakes up.  So funny and so glad mom taped the whole thing to share with the world.
‘Cute Kids’ of the Day Fight at Dance Recital [VIDEO]
Watching your kid on stage dancing in a tutu is a proud moment for parents.  But sometimes when you have a bunch of little kids in one place, vying for the attention of an audience, things don't run smoothly.  Our 'Cute Kids' of the day are two little dancers who, instead of dancing, seem to be figh…
‘Cute Kids’ of the Day Can’t Say Popsicle [VIDEO]
Who knew the word Popsicle was so hard to pronounce.  When my daughter was young she had trouble with the word pretzel, calling it a prentzel.  Maybe it has something to do with P words.  Watch these 'Cute Kids' of the day try to say Popsicle.  Too cute, and just in tim…
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Impersonates George W. Bush [VIDEO]
If they handed out awards for the best impersonations, our 'Cute Kid' of the day should win.  If you closed your eyes and just listened you wouldn't be able to tell it's not former President George W. Bush.  He's aspiring to be a director and by the looks of his mo…
Keegan of Lee Center Wins ‘Cute Kid’ of the Week
A round of applause for 18-month-old Keegan of Lee Center, who won our 'Cute Kid' of the week poll.  It wasn't even close.  Keegan took over 92% of the vote for sleep eating.  Keegan was in his highchair falling asleep, but still managed to eat his pizza. Emmelyn Roette…

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