Cute Kids

Watch Twin Babies Have a Blast Playing With Rubber Bands [VIDEO]
Babies don't need any expensive toys.  They can be amused by the simplest things. Most are more happy to play with the box the toy came in. Watch these precious little baby twins have the time of their lives simply playing with rubber bands. There is no better sound than a child's lau…
Amazingly Patient Cat With Toddler [VIDEO]
We have two cats, Fenway and Parker, and they are both pretty mild mannered. We play with them but don't roughhouse, something more particular to kids. Take a look at this incredibly patient cat as he is mauled, rolled and even nibbled on by a toddler.
Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail [VIDEO]
Close your eyes and picture being on stage in front of your friends and family.  It's your big moment as the band plays the 'Star Spangled Banner.'  All you have to do is clang your cymbals together when it's time.  When the time comes, the strap on a cymbal breaks and it falls to the floor.  What d…
Bossy Toddler Gives Dad the Business
Little August doesn't want help buckling her car seat. In fact, she recommends that you "worry 'bout yourself!" We love it. It's like the polite toddler version of "why don't you mind your own business, jerk?"

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