5 Weird Movies My Parents Had Us Watch Around Christmas Time
Growing up over Christmas break, my parents always wanted to make sure we had an amazing time off from school. Along with the normal Christmas happenings, they tried to make different nights special with movie nights. However, the movies weren't always the best quality Hollywood flicks.
9/11 Lights Among Christmas Display Highlights in Rome
Rome may be home to the best Christmas lights displays in Central New York. From the 9/11 memorial to a home that will put the Griswold's to shame. You can see it all in the video montage above and get directions to each below.
Are You Dreaming Of A White Christmas In New York?
For those of you dreaming of a white Christmas here in Central New York, and New York State, you may be in luck. The National Weather Service has a prediction map that depicts which places have the best chance of being a winter wonderland according to weather history.
Video Chat with Santa Claus
With technology advancing, Santa Claus now has WiFi at the North Pole and can actually video chat with your child through this handy-dandy app.

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