Meet the Woman Who Rowed an Ocean Because She Said She Would
Katie Spotz is a person that understands the power of a promise.  Among her many accomplishment's are; rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean, running across the US not once, but twice and Swimming the Allegheny River.  She is also part of the Because I Said I Would movement. The Young…
Christmas Presents Gone Wrong
We've discussed Polly ruining Christmas by letting the cat out of the bag about a gag gift we were getting our daughter.  Christmas morning took another wrong turn when the one special gift that we all knew Polly really wanted, went south.
What Christmas Treat Can You Just Not Resist?
I pretty proud that I've managed to drop some pounds even when it's the holiday season of eating.  About a week before Thanksgiving started I began a diet plan that has helped me shed about 30 or 35 pounds.  I made it past the stuffing, pies and rolls; but one thing fought i…
Polly Ruins Christmas
You never know what you're going to get under our Christmas tree. We like to give unusual gifts and I may have had the best one yet, until I ruined it.

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