Another Reason To Love Chris Janson
We know FrogFest star Chris Janson can skateboard, slay the harmonica and fix a drink, but if you need another reason to love the country star, just take a look at how happy he is to help out kids in need and the organizations that support them.
Don Rickles, Iconic Comedian and Actor, Dead at 90
Don Rickles’ talents were seemingly limitless: An outrageous insult comic, a gifted dramatic actor, a welcome sight on stages and screens (big and small), and a constant presence whose career endured for decades, often surpassing his contemporaries. And now he’s gone on to join them, a…
Zac Efron Seen In Central New York
It's not all that common for a Hollywood movie star to be spotted here in Central New York.  When it happens, word travels fast on social media.
The posts and tweets came in from the Pulaski area, off Route 81 north of Syracuse.  A worker at the Tops in Pulaski said Zac Efron was in he…

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