The Trucks of FrogFest [Photos]
It wouldn't be FrogFest without a parking lot full of the biggest and baddest pick-ups in Central New York. Our cameras were there to capture everything from the traditional trucks to the heavy duties!
Ford Recalls A Million Vehicles For Several Safety Issues
If you own a Ford, you may have to take it to the shop. The company recalled several models for different safety concerns over the past week. From problems with power steering and door latches to fuel pump issues that may stall your car. Get the complete recall list that involves a million vehicles…
Polly Has A Whole Lotta Junk In Her Trunk [VIDEO]
The 'Are You Smarter than Polly' question this morning: 15% of employees would be embarrassed if their boss saw____________. The answer: inside their car. Guess I'm the 15%. Take a look inside and judge for yourself. Tad often says "you need a tetanus shot before getting in.&…

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