What Kind Of Driver Are You?
During the "Frog Days Of Summer", we may be driving a bit more with vacations, day trips and other destinations. I suppose that we all think we're great drivers. Now, a new study shows what kind of drivers there are out there on the highway.
What’s Up, Way Up With Local Gas Prices?
During these "Frog Days Of Summer", we're used to gas prices going up, then down, then up again. But, why are gas prices so high here in central New York? I was on vacation last week in Cape Cod Massachusetts (a tourist area for sure) and paid $3.53 a gallon for regular last W…
Slow Traffic On Mohawk Street In Whitesboro
You've heard the old saying about central New York, "We have two seasons...winter and construction season". Well, we're in construction season during the "Frog Days Of Summer" and just a note about slow traffic on Mohawk Street in Whitesboro, which I fou…
A New Parallel Parking Champion [VIDEO]
It's been a while but as I recall the most difficult part of my first learners permit test was trying to parallel park. The three point turn was no walk  in the park either but parallel parking was the moment of most pressure. Apparently this was not the case for a Chinese driver named Han Yue who a…
Polly Wogg’s Old Car Quirks
Have your had your vehicle for some time?  Does it do strange things? I've had my Honda Civic since 2004.  It's the first vehicle I've actually owned.  It's been paid off for some time  but its been doing some funky things.  The latest is the driver side door handle.  It stays up when you open the d…
Click It So You Don’t Get A Ticket
Local law enforcement officials continue to urge you to click that seat belt, and drive safely during the "Frog Days of Summer". Over the weekend, a number of drivers were ticketed for not wearing their seat belts.
Thruway Authority Proposes Toll Hikes For Trucks
During the "Frog Days Of Summer", we'll be traveling more to vacation destinations, and many of us will be driving on the New York State Thruway. But truckers who drive every day on the Thruway delivering goods, may soon be paying higher tolls.
A Break At The Gas Pump This Holiday Weekend
We like to share good news with our Big Frog 104 listeners, and here's some you'll appreciate. As we begin the Memorial Day Weekend, local gas prices are down, so that trip to the beach or long weekend getaway will cost a bit less.
Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Hands On The Wheel
With the warmer weather here and vacation traveling just around the corner, many of us will be doing a lot more driving. At Big Frog 104, we want those drive times to be safe ones. So, as the old saying goes, keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Now, a new study indicates the five risk…
Former President Clinton Misses Driving [VIDEO]
There are plenty of perks for an ex-President of the United States. One of the best is being chauffeured everywhere you want to go by the Secret Service. This, however, does not not sit well with former President Bill Clinton who was recently asked by Ellen DeGeneres what part of daily normal life h…

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