Brother Can You Spare a Tire
Maybe this shouldn't come as a surprise, but 20% of Americans can't change a flat tire. Even more surprising is this fact, many new cars don't come with a spare. Say what?
Is Uber Safe? Here’s How Drivers Are Screened
With ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft now available in the Central New York area, some residents have questions about the safety of using the services. Here's the criteria Uber drivers have to fit in order to drive you to your destination.
New Auto Zone Store Coming to New Hartford
New businesses are popping up all over New Hartford along Commercial Drive, and the latest is a new Auto Zone. It's being built where the old Two Tones Tacos was located. Across from this new retailer are two new eateries in progress. All new businesses, local or chains, are a positive sign for…

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