Enjoy The Ultimate 80s Disco Dance Music Playlist [TOP 10]
The sound of the 1980s evolved a bit with the emergence of New Wave and Techno music, but the disco feel of the 70s tagged along for sure. 'Off the Wall', Michael Jackson's fifth studio album was released August 10, 1979 and kept the Disco ride going, but may have signaled it's e…
10 America-Themed Songs for the Fourth of July
American popular music has been around since before America even declared its independence. 'Yankee Doodle,' anyone? That classic was sung by Colonial American soldiers as early as the French and Indian War.
Here’s a list of 10 to add to your Fourth of July playlist:
5 Simple Ways Introverts Can Get Noticed at Work
Experts will tell you that introverts are great leaders, yet it still seems like we live in a world designed to revere extroverts, especially in the workplace. If you know the right steps, and your own value as an introvert, you can make the office a comfortable place for you to grow and succee…

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