Carrie Underwood, who's usually socially active, hasn't been on Twitter for some time. The reason?  She's on a mission in Haiti. Nashville resident Rhae Lauren posted a few pictures of their trip on Instagram.

'The girls of the trip getting ready to cross the D.R./Haiti boarder this morning. Excited for our first day. So proud of everyone and how much we were able to accomplish.'

Underwood is at Danita's Children, a nonprofit organization for orphaned and impoverished children.

Lauren posted another picture of one of the children in Haiti.

'Eyes full of happy tears... Louie found us at the boarder. Couldn't be more happy! And in a #BobDylan shirt... YESSSS! #haiti #dentalmissiontrip'

Just one more reason to love Carrie Underwood.  Gone is the make-up, perfectly styled hair and fancy clothes, yet Carrie looks as beautiful as if she were on the red carpet at an awards show.