The amazing "How Great Thou Art" duet with Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill on the Girls Night Out special has over 2.5 million views.  And the show was last Friday

I remember Simon Cowell telling Underwood when she was on American Idol, she would become the most successful Idol ever.  It took some time, since she won years after Kelly Clarkson took the crown the first season.  But once again, Simon was right.  And it's not just country, Carrie Underwood can sing anything.  Or as Randy Jackson use to say, "You can sing the phone book."  And she could.  Check out the video below with her singing everything from country, to rock, to gospel to the National Anthem.  I knew she was good, but I had no idea she was THAT good.  And listen to the voice narrating in the beginning.  Want to take a guess as to who it is