To say M. Doc Geressy is a "Ghostbusters" fan is like saying Polly Wogg likes Keith Urban. Geressy is the founder of a group called Carolina Ghostbusters and, according to their website, has seen the movie "Ghostbusters" at least 1000 times. If you think your house may be haunted who you gonna call?

If the local Mohawk Valley Ghost Hunters are busy you can try the Carolina Ghostbusters.

We are always serious about investigating any super-natural activity and either help solve the problem or point you in the right direction. Our paranormal investigations begin with a consultation to gather information on what you are experiencing. Our consultations are free. We will ask you a series of questions to obtain some basic information about your experience including, what do you experience, when your experience usually occurs, family history, house history, and location history.Based on the consultation, we can give you a list of options, including doing a full investigation.
via Paranormal Investigations | Carolina Ghostbusters.

Check put the group with their Ecto-1 car at an event earlier this year.

As you might expect they are booked solid through Halloween but if you really need them they might be available in an emergency through their website.
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