Let's hear it for New York!  13 year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar of Westchester is a star in the making.  She had Simon Cowell saying just that on 'The X-Factor' as the Top 13 sang for viewer votes.

It was movie night and Carly sang Bruno Mars' 'It Will Rain.'  The performance was so good her coach Britney Spears felt she should have closed the show because 'no one wants to follow that.'  Amen Britney.  Carly Rose IS a star and she should just be given the prize right now.  I don't know if anyone can beat her.

Diamond White was brought back after being eliminated last week to make the Top 12 the Top 13.  All four judges agreed, she deserved a second chance to sing for viewer votes and she proved them right.  The teen took on Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' and almost had judge Demi Lomato in tears.

Other highlights of the night came from Vino Alan.  The tattooed soulful singer had all four judges applauding his performance of 'When A Man Loves A Woman.'

Boy band Emblem 3 put their own funky spin on 'My Girl.'  Actually, I think they sang about 6 songs at the same time.  The girls are going to love these guys.

Little Beatrice Miller again stunned the judges with her ability to pour her heart and soul into everything she does.  Its hard to believe she's only 13 too.

Country singer Tate Stevens went with 'Wanted Dead or Alive,' and although he did a good job, I don't know how long he'll last.  I find it strange the judges criticized some contestants for sounding too karaoke and not making a song their own, but didn't say the same to Tate.  The song was exactly the same as the original.  How come he didn't get the same constructive criticism?

The most interesting performance of the night came from Lyric145.  Surprisingly, the rappers chose 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' from Mary Poppins.  It was very entertaining and unlike anything else done on the X-Factor stage.  Their originality alone should keep them around.  I'm not much of a rap fan, but I can't help love this trio because they are so unique.

One will go home tonight on Fox.  I'm guessing it'll either be Cee Cee Frey from Demi's team.  Her attitude early in the competition didn't earn her any fans, and her performance was subpar.  Arin Ray from Britney's team should have went home last week instead of Diamond White.  He could go instead of Cee Cee.  Tune in at 8 tonight to see who's sent packing.