Cancun is a very popular vacation destination for many Central New Yorker's. What's there not to like when you're drinking an amazing fruity drink on a beach? However, Cancun may be a new vacation destination for UFO's.

A UFO was reported by Mufon over Cancun on April 23rd around 8:30PM. Here's the video of the sighting, and the full report:

It must have been about 8:30pm when I observed something like a rectangle in the distance, it seemed to be hovering over the caribbean sea, South of Isla Mujeres in cancun. I observed this phenomena from the 5th floor of the Hyatt Regency in Cancun, where I was staying for about a week. The object was hovering over the water. I was fast enough to capture this object on HD video camera. It stay still for about 2 minutes and then disappeared. You can see it disappear on video.

It was a dark clear night, with a few clouds here and there but the sky was very clear that night. There were no planes in the area at the time the UFO appeared. It appeared as a grey long rectangular object. I would thus like to share this video with like minded people who have an interest in the UFO phenomena. Its up to the general public to decide if this is anything otherworldly or just a phenomena in the night sky."

What did you think of the video.....other than the terrible camera work?

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