With Gummy Vitamins on a load of commercials lately it seems eating healthy is just a few fruit snacks away. However, can you overdose on these if you eat too much? 

I'm not too much of a doctor, actually not one at all, however I can only imagine eating an entire bottle would be a huge disaster, and apparently it really is.

Our friends at BuzzFeed posted an article with this topic this afternoon and it seems to have a ton of facts to back it up.

According to Dr. Ken Spaeth, director of occupational and environmental medicine at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, eating too many gummy vitamins can actually cause permanent health damage.

“On the whole, it would be a very bad idea and potentially dangerous to take excessive amounts of multivitamins, even tasty ones such as the gummy variety,” Spaeth said. “While the recommended amounts pose virtually no risk, consuming an entire bottle of vitamins can cause permanent and serious harm.”

So if you decided to eat some extra ones, and the entire bottle, you may actually die:

“Consuming a full bottle of vitamins in any form, gummy or other, would likely ensure that levels of both the water- and fat-soluble vitamins would reach toxic levels. It is worth noting that minerals, such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, etc. are also commonly included in multivitamins and would likely be at toxic levels as a result of consuming an entire bottle.”

So remember, please keep these bottles in s safe place. You can only imagine what may happen to children if they find the bottle. Keep them secure and up on shelves.


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