Can you answer 5 stupid questions? If you can get 'em all you get a 55 inch flat screen TV.

Listen 3 times each day to play '5 Stupid Questions.' We'll take caller 10 to see if they have the answer to all 5 questions. When they answer wrong, the game ends and starts again in the next day part. The person who can guess all 5 stupid questions correctly will win a 55 inch LG flat screen television from Dave Hayes Appliances.

As an added bonus, the first person to guess each question correctly wins tickets to see Justin Moore at the Utica Aud November 17th.

Rewards Club members will get a hint every Friday so keep checking back. Not a member? Sign up for free.

5 Stupid Questions Times:

Be caller 10 at 315-736-0104, 800-839-1043 or call us directly from the Big Frog 104 app. Don't have the app yet? Download in Google Play or iTunes.


-It changes nearly 300 times an hour - Turning Stone sign


-It takes a lot to get 'em right - The Facts of Life


-The combined sum of these 3 is 3817 - seats at Utica Aud (upper blue, lower blue & red section)


-This has over 22 million matches in the last 30 years (Stewart's holiday match program)


-You will do this thousands times before you do this once (write numbers 1 through 1000 before you write the letter A)

Congrats to Heidi Kloczkowski of Whitesboro who knew all 5 Stupid Questions.

Manae Media

*Television pictured isn't actual prize