Early in his run on 'American Idol' last year, PHILLIP PHILLIPS had the most Twitter followers, and he ended up winning the whole thing. Can Twitter predict the next American Idol winner? If so, lets seemwho's in the running this year?

ANGIE MILLER is leading the way. She has over more than 41,000 followers on Twitter.


Close behind is Lazaro Arbos, the guy who can sing beautifully despite his stutter.


As for the American Idol country singers, Kree Harrison has the most Twitter followers out of the three left in the competition.


Janelle Arthur, who I thought just slipped through to the Top 10, is close to 10,000 followers.  She needs to step up her social media game if she wants to get close to Angie, Lazaro and Kree.


Paul Jolley, the sole male country singer needs a little help with less than 10,000 followers.


Out of all the Twitter pages, I have to admit, Angie not only has the most followers, she also has the nicest looking page.  She's also been an early favorite, since her audition in Hollywood week where she sang an original song and brought Mariah Carey to tears.

Here are the contestants ranked by their followers:

1.) Angie Miller (@AngieAI12) . . . 41,103 followers

2.) Lazaro Arbos (@LazaroAI12) . . . 25,924 followers

3.) Kree Harrison (@KreeAI12) . . . 15,242 followers

4.) Burnell Taylor (@BurnellAI12) . . . 14,108 followers

5.) Candice Glover (@CandiceAI12) . . . 10,390 followers

6.) Janelle Arthur (@JanelleAI12) . . . 10,446 followers

7.) Paul Jolley (@PaulJolleyAI12) . . . 9,323 followers

8.) Devin Velez (@DevinAI12) . . . 7,474 followers

9.) Amber Holcomb (@AmberAI12) . . . 6,392 followers

10.) Curtis Finch, Jr. (@CurtisAI12) . . . 5,714 followers

For what it's worth, this year's finalists have slightly less followers than last year's contestants had at this time, but it isn't a drastic drop-off. So even if "Idol" is slipping in the ratings, it seems to be hanging on in the world of social media.

Tune in tonight at 8 on Fox to see the Top 10 perform.