The campaign meant to give the bullied bus monitor Karen Klein a vacation, has raised over $455,000.  And the fund just keeps growing.  Donations are coming in every minute - from one dollar to one hundred dollars. Maybe she can retire? Karen's "about me" on her Facebook page mentions she would work "unless she came into lots of money."  The question now is, how much is lots of money?

Karen is a 68 year old bus monitor in Rochester, NY who was recently bullied by some teens.  Karen is a widow, hearing impaired and a grandmother of eight.  She makes $15,000 a year as a bus monitor.  The teens posted their bullying video on YouTube but most of our listeners couldn't even watch, it was so disturbing.

The silver lining of this story is the outpouring of support Karen has received from strangers around the country.  Her family is amazed at whats happening too.  This is from the 'Let's Give Karen a Vacation' webpage.

************ UPDATE 11:00 am est 6/21: This is Amanda. I am Karen's daughter and I just joined this campaign. I have spoken with Max and with Indiegogo and we just want to thank you so much for your support. I am at work now so can't put a picture up yet. We are completely overwhelmed with all the support, so thank you. *************

Ellen Degeneres Tweeted about the incident

Three of the boys and their parents have apologized for their involvement.


Now if we can only find a solution so this doesn't happen to someone else on another bus.