Sometimes the timing and circumstances behind a tragedy just seem surreal.  An innocent game of fetch with the family dog Thanksgiving weekend, played a role in the deaths of 3 California family members.  The father and mother drowned and the son is missing after the dog chased a stick into rough surf in Northern California.

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The Times Standard of Eureka, California reports the dog chased a stick into the heavy surf, the son went in to save the dog and the father followed.  When the son made it out of the water and found his father missing, he and his mother went back in the surf to try and find him.  This time no one made in back to shore.  Authorities have recovered the parents' bodies, but the son is still missing despite repeated search and rescue efforts.  A daughter along for the family walk, called emergency services who were unable to arrive in time.  And in the end the dog made it out without help.