When on vacation, it's hard to find something the entire family enjoys.  Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay fits the bill for anyone in the family.  It's  more than just a park with rides.  They do have the roller coasters for the thrill seekers and the water rides to beat the heat, but they have so much more.

We started our day with a Safari that included rhinos, ostriches, zebras and the opportunity to feed the giraffes, which was everyone's highlight of the day.  Scattered throughout the park is different animal habitats.  There are alligator ponds, sanctuaries where we stopped to feed the birds, pens with baby kangaroos and wallabies you could also feed, lions, hyenas, dozens of flamingos, some just wandering around the park and even an area with gorillas.

There were even 4D shows to get out of the heat and live entertainment for the older folks in the group who needed to sit and rest awhile.

While we were there, they were working on a roller coaster that will go 63 miles per hour through the area of the park with all the wild animals.  It should be open this Spring.

Although the family was beat after the long day at the park, it was day we won't soon forget.  There is nothing like feeding a giraffe with their tongue inches from your face, seeing a group of rhinos sleeping in the shade, watch zebras run beside your truck and petting a wallaby, all without traveling to Africa.