Matt Herkimer, who is vacationing in LA, bumped into Mario Lopez at the farmers market. He promised to bring back lots of pictures to prove his claim. His brush with fame got us to talking about celebrities you've bumped into. I've been lucky enough to meet lots of people, and although Keith Urban is my favorite person, the backstage experience with Brooks n Dunn tops the cake. They are always willing to share a beer, take lots of pictures and just shoot the breeze. You've bumped into a number of interesting people too.

  • Gene Simmons

    Lillian ran into Kiss frontman Gene Simmons at the Detroit airport. She was on her way home from Las Vegas. Nice way to wrap up a trip. And she said he was a very nice man.

    Lillian Gamble-Koscielniak/Facebook
  • Keith Urban

    Dotti Spina has met a number of people, if you look at the photos on her Facebook page. But Keith Urban tops her list.  She says 'Keith was incredibly warm and kind. The meet & greet was a class act with all the food and the question and answer portion.  He made us feel so comfortable and he truly cared about each and every one of us. He looked us in the eye and he couldn’t believe I drove an hour and an half. Little did he know I would have driven further!'

    Dotti Spina/Facebook
  • Mandy Moore

    Mark Cone ran into singer/actress Mandy Moore on Lake Erie in 2009

    Mark Cone/Facebook
  • Mark Hapka of Days of Our Lives

    Shannon Humphries bumped into Mark Hapka, a Rome native, from Days of Our Lives in 2009.

    Shannon Humphries
  • Vanilla Ice

    Kristi Clifford ran into Vanilla Ice in a local record store in 1999. Where is he now?

    Christine Clifford
  • The Doors

    Amber Brockett met The Doors at work. She heard someone run out saying 'OMG the DOORS are here!' A normally shy person, Amber didn’t hesitate to run in with her camera. And they were nice enough to pose for a picture

    Amber Brockett
  • Tom Arnold

    Derek Husted ran into Tom Arnold while working security at a club in Rochester.

    Derek Husted/Facebook
  • Bigg Vinny of Trailer Choir

    Jaime Loreto must have been to FrogFest. She met and got her picture taken with Bigg Vinny of Trailer Choir who will hang around to meet and hug every fan.

    Jaime Loreto
  • Willie Nelson

    Dell Allen ran into Willie Nelson at Treasure Island, while on his honeymoon in Las Vegas last year.

    Dell Allen
  • Josh Turner

    Zach Effrog was lucky enough to meet Josh Turner 2 years ago at FrogFest at Verona Beach State Park

    Zach Effrog