Brett Eldredge has his latest music video for "Beat Of The Music" out. Guess what, he has a Rochester native in the video.

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"Beat of the Music" was released back in September of 2013 as his fourth single and the third single from his debut album, Bring You Back. According to WBEE out of Rochester, the video features East Ridge Highschool grad Katie Luddy. Not everyone has been a fan of this new song though.

Taste of Country gave it a mixed review saying "it relies on a chorus that sinks in like a good second glass of wine, complementing just about anything on the radio currently." The review went on to say that "Eldredge holds back some vocally, relying instead on hooky choruses and a charming singing personality" and "the production team take few risks in creating a pleasing sonic backdrop for the singer to tell this story."
What do you think of the song?

Taste Of Country Review:
Brett Eldredge, 'Beat of the Music' [Listen]