The "Frog Days of Fall" once again reveal another country celebrity birthday. Today, C.W. McCall, the artist who gave us that memorable CB radio song, "Convoy" is 83 years old. Today, we'll feature his number one song from 1975 on our "Country Classic Double".

"Convoy" propelled the CB radio craze in the 1970s, long before cell phones. At that time if you had a mobile phone in your car, your were a rare exception. People started installing CB radios in their cars and trucks, and thanks to C.W. McCall's "Convoy" picked up a lot the the CB lingo, such as "negatory", and "breaker, breaker", and "there's a bear in the air", and the rest.

Let's watch a performance of that novelty song featuring William, Dale Fries, Jr., AKA C.W. McCall on the Mike Douglas Show in 1976.