He has the well earned title of "King of Pranks" but Brad Paisley is not immune to being pranked himself. Currently on the road with Lee Brice and the Henningsens Brad found himself in the pranking crosshairs when he called out his tourmates to join him on his hit "Alcohol". Watch the hilarity!

Apparently the costume store they went to ran out of "Star Wars" outfits so the pranksters improvised. I "get" the Tin Man outfit but the shark? Oh well, the first shot has been fired and it's a certainty that Brad will be devising his revenge.


Brad Paisley Likes Not Taking Himself Seriously

Brad Paisley sat down with Sean Hannity of 'Hannity' on Fox News and talked about being one of the funniest men in country music, known for his sense of humor. He also discussed how he has been able to sustain his success over a long period of time.