This is why I love country music. You may remember BRAD PAISLEY promised a terminally ill cancer patient named Lee Feldman he would play the man's custom-made guitar on his next album. Well, Brad kept his promise. The song is called 'Officially Alive' and it's the last track on 'Wheelhouse.'

Brad talked about it in a recent interview. He said,'Towards the end of the record, I brought [the guitar] in the studio and set it in there. And I went, 'I know the song for that.' [Lee] told me, 'I want this to live on.' So we ended the record with it.'  Unfortunately, Lee Feldman passed away in November, so he didn't get a chance to own a copy of the album, which came out last month.

But a close friend thinks that's okay. He said,'Lee knows. He knows about this. And I think he's sitting up there going, 'Yeah, I knew that he would do this.''

'Officially Alive' with Lyrics

Brad talks about 'Wheelhouse' & 'Officially Alive'