For Brad Paisley, his "Beat This Summer" tour was not enough. Today he kicks off the next leg of the tour. His newly named "Beat This Winter" tour begins in Pikeville, Kentucky tonight, and moves to Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow. It's actually worked out nicely that Brad has titled this tour "Beat This Winter" because it seems like the whole country is experiencing a colder than usual winter. For example one stop on Brad's tour is the Country Music Capitol of the World, Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville has felt temperatures as low as 8 degrees this year. Leave it to Brad to heat these cities up. He will be to a total of 12 cities in just about two months. The tour will feature songs from his latest album "Wheelhouse." The tour concludes in Brad's home state of West Virginia. The closest he will come to us here in Central New York is Uniondale, NY. Uniondale is close to New York City. It just may be worth the trip!

Check out the whole tour schedule on his website.