If you ask a dog owner what breed of dog is the smartest odds are they will say theirs. All  dogs have a certain degree of smarts but which ones are the most intelligent. Yahoo Shine asked the people at the American Kennel Society for their opinions.

Here are the"Top 5".

 1) Border Collie--Known as the workaholic of the dog world the Border Collie excels at agility. Border Collies have extraordinary instinct and need a job to do in order to be happy.
2) German Shepherd--The German Shepherd is extremely smart. They are well-known to be the world's leading police, military,and guard dog. They're also loyal and dependable.
3) Bloodhound--Bloodhounds are the best at trailing. Their scenting abilities are so exceptional that a Bloodhound's mantrailing results are permissible in court.
4) Beagles--Beagles tend to follow their nose.  Bed bugs became a major problem for businesses and homeowners over the past few years, so the Beagle came to the rescue. With their excellent noses, exterminators and business owners enlisted the dog's incredible abilities to find where bed bugs were hiding so humans could get rid of them.
5) Labrador Retriever-- Labs are the smartest guide dogs. They are highly trainable and are very eager to please. This is also why Labs make such great family pets and are the most popular dog.

There are more breeds on the list so maybe yours made the grade as well.


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