The Boonville-Oneida County Fair concluded their 124th season this past weekend.  And for the first time ever, they held a giant zucchini contest.  Cornell Co-operative Extension distributed 600 seeds to Oneida County youth this year and despite some very dry conditions, some real whoppers were grown.  Check out the winners.

Youth Division Ages 8 and under

#1 Kylie Tennant, age 4, Blossvale, (3.58 lbs.)

#2 Alexis Tennant, age 7, Blossvale, (3.55 lbs.)

#3 Madyson Austin, age 6, Camden, (2.87lbs.)

Junior Division Ages 9-12

#1 Jayden Staple, age 10, Taberg, (4.97 lbs.)

#2 Jayden Staple, age 10, Taberg, (4.57 lbs.)

#3 Amanda Cranwell, age 12, Eaton (2.93lbs.)