Blake Shelton's team on 'The Voice' is down to three after the instant elimination. For the first time, the judges had to send one person home at the end of the night, before America voted.  A decision Blake thought 'sucked.'  But he sucked it up and made his choice after RaeLynn, Jordis Unga, Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul performed.

Country girl RaeLynn was up first.  She put her flavor on Jason Aldean's 'She's Country' and had all the judges singing her praises.  Blake said it was his 'proudest moment this season.'

RaeLynn 'She's Country'

Jordis Unga, who Blake saved last week, toned down her rock image with Sara Evans' ballad 'A Little Bit Stonger.' Unfortunately for her, everyone else on her team gave performances that were stronger than hers.

Jordis Unga 'A Little Bit Stronger'

Erin Willett promised something a little more contemporary when we talked with her yesterday. Nothing is more contemporary than Adele.  Erin went with 'Set Fire to the Rain' and despite lackluster comments from Adam and Christina, Blake said she was the only one in the competition that could take on such a big song. I love Adele and thought Erin did a great job. Maybe Adam and Christina should watch it back and listen again.

Erin Willett 'Set Fire to the Rain'

Syracuse University graduate Jermaine Paul was last up for Team Blake, but he should have closed the whole show. His performance of Phil Collin's 'Against All Odds' was the highlight of the night. It was a moment Blake said Jermaine 'would look back on and realize it was a turning point in his career.' And I'd have to agree.  My prediction when I spoke with Jermaine of him being the winner, just might happen after all.

Jermaine Paul 'Against All Odds'

Elimination - To the surprise of no one, Blake sent Jordis home in the instant elimination. He choose to go with America's top 3, 2 weeks ago, before he saved her. Plus, her so-so performance didn't do much to change his mind.

Instant Elimination: Blake Shelton

Christina Elimination - Blake made the correct decision, but Christina Aguilera's choice will have everyone talking. She picked early favorite, Jesse Campbell as the one to go home. His performance of Beyonce's 'Halo' even received praise from the judging panel, including Christina. Why she chose Jesse is anyone's guess.

Instant Elimination: Christina Aguilera

Team Performance - Before the instant elimination both teams sang with their coaches. Christina's team sang and danced among half naked men, dancers, lights and smoke. But Blake's team did what they do best, sing. They just sat and sang 'Heartache Tonight' together. The spotlight didn't shine on just Blake. It was on the whole team.

Team Blake 'Heartache Tonight'

The Voice returns tonight with more eliminations. Catch all the action on NBC at 9. Who do you think America will vote through on Team Blake? It'll be a tough choice since the remaining 3 did such a great job.