It didn't take long for Blake Shelton's CD Red River Blue to dominate the charts.  Less than 22 minutes after it was released, it was the #1 downloaded album on iTunes.  And not just among country albums.  It's #1 overall. 

His first hit off the CD "Honey Bee" was the fastest rising single of Blakes career, so it would make sense the album would follow suit.

"God Gave Me You" is the follow-up to "Honey Bee," a song he discovered while flipping through a bunch of stations and landing on a Christian station.  It really touched him at the time since he and Miranda Lambert were going through a rough patch.  It was then he realized she was "the one."

"Good Ole Boys" focuses on the difference between men from years ago and men today.  Blakes sings about everything from their clothes to their attitudes: Every time I turn around I see a man dressed like a clown/they don't say mamme or sir no more/they won't even hold the door for a woman/it's a cryin' shame/tell me where did all the good ole boys go.  Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Waylon would be so proud.

"I'm Sorry" has been a song Blake has been holding on to for some time.  He has recorded it untiol now because he didn't have enough nerve to reach for such a tough song.  Not only did he nail the vocals in this touching song, but he also managed to get Martina McBride to sing with him.  Listen to him explain how he went about asking her to sing with him.

And what would be a Blake Shelton CD with music from his new wife Miranda Lambert.  "Red River Blue" is a beautiful ballad that was inspired by Miranda and Blake's relationship, the good and the bad.   He says the song represents where he came from.   Blake tells the story of how the song actually came to be.

There of course is the typical Blake Shelton humours songs you won't hear on the radio like "Get Some," everybody say hey/god almighty it's friday/everybody get sideways to have a little fun/everybody's livin'/everybody's tryin'/everybody's dyin' to get some.  After all, what would a Blake Shelton CD be without one or two of these types of song.  Listening to the song is like reading some of his tweets from Twitter.

Red River Blue is a nice mix of serious, fun and typical Blake Shelton tunes.  If you're a fan, you won't be disappointed with his latest album that's sure to be his best selling CD yet.