The battles are over and the teams are headed to the playoffs on 'The Voice.'  Ryan Whyte Maloney and Kaleigh Glanton, from #TeamBlake performed 'Easy,' making it anything but easy for coach Blake Shelton to decided who to keep. He also used his last steal, picking up Madilyn Paige from #TeamUsher.

Ryan Maloney vs Kaleigh Glanton

Ryan Maloney and Kaleigh Glanton performed Rascal Flatt's 'Easy,' making it hard for coach Blake to decided who to take to the playoffs. 'This blows. You both have powerful voices and are capable of doing a lot of things. Kaleigh, one of my favorite things about your voice is you think of places to go that nobody else does. It's a gift. Ryan is just power. He's performed a Tina Turner song in Tina Turner's key. Now I'm left with trying to make this decision and that blows. I gotta go with overall consistency.' Blake chose to keep Ryan.

Ryan Whyte Maloney vs Kaleigh Glanton

Bria Kelly vs Madilyn Paige

Blake used his last steal to pick up Madilyn Paige from #TeamUsher. Is it just me or does she remind you of former Voice winner Danielle Bradbury?

Bria Kelly vs Madilyn Paige

The playoffs begin tonight on NBC at 8. The top 20 perform for a spot in the live rounds.