The spots on #TeamBlake are filling up as the blind auditions continue on 'The Voice.'  Blake Shelton picked up crooner Sam Cerniglia after fighting for him with Cee Lo Green and two country singers, 15-year-old Emily Randolph and Justin Chain.

Justin Chain

Blake didn't have to convince Justin Chain to join his team after his performance of 'She's Country.' He was the only coach to turn his chair, calling all the other coaches 'idiots' for not turning too.  It's not like Justin would have chosen to go anywhere else. He and Blake were even wearing the same shirts.

Justin Chain 'She's Country'

Sam Cerniglia

Sam Cerniglia took Blake to a Michael Buble concert with his version of 'It's a Beautiful Day.' Blake had to fight Cee Lo to convince Sam to join his team, but Sam bought Blake's pitch.

Sam Cerniglia 'It's A Beautiful Day'

Emily Randolph

Emily Randolph didn't get much TV time.  The 15-year-old put a country spin on 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn,' making Blake turn his chair to have her on his team.  I hope we get to hear more from her.  She sounds like she could be really good, and she's only 15!

Emily Randolph 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn'

The last night of blind auditions is next Monday on NBC at 8pm.  Since we haven't seen Boonville's Shawn Smith yet, it's a good bet he'll be on Monday.  Be sure to tune in to root him on. And send us your 'I Support Shawn Smith' photos for Monday's episode.

Local Musician Shawn Smith Auditioned For 'The Voice'

Local musician Shawn Smith, of the band Showtime, may be on the new season of 'The Voice .' He has been tight lipped about his audition since coming into the station last February to perform for Bill Keeler on our sister station WIBX. Today, he posted this I Auditioned photo on his Facebook page.